Birthday Party Dinosaur DIY Binoculars

DIY Party Binoculars

These DIY binoculars are really easy to make and are very budget friendly.

They also have what I call the “DIY” look that often makes parties that much more special in comparison to the shop purchased pre-printed items or plastic items from mass-produced factories in china.

The binoculars I am doing are a dinosaur/safari Theme so I printed off some black and white dino paper.

I have seen some other great designs using printed duct tape, Wrapping paper, Black spray paint with silver foil and more.

I have also made a few using takeaway plastic coffee cups which were nowhere near as easy but they look cool. I’m still refining the process with those but I will share in the future.

What You Will Need For DIY Binoculars

  • Toilet Paper Rolls  (2 Per Binocular)
  • Outer Paper Wrapping (I used cheap recycled Paper Lunchbags)
  • Deco Paper (I used Foil and Dinosaur, Printed Paper)
  • Glue & Tape
  • String
  • Optional Hot Glue Gun


  1. Take your toilet rolls and wrap each one with your design paper. Alternatively, you can paint all of your rolls instead. I chose simple brown paper on the outside as my objective was to use only what I had around the house.
  2. Glue or tape your rolls together. With a hot glue gun, you can use a strip of glue and place the rolls together. I chose a small piece of tape at each end instead.
  3. Design the outside of the DIY Binoculars. You can use one simple strip of paper around the outside or get creative. I used foil on the ends, a strip in the middle and drew some pictures of buttons and knobs on some. I also printed out some pictures of buttons and other instruments.
  4. String your binoculars

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