Labour Partner Confessions

Labour Partner Confessions

I recently joined a parenting group.

Let’s face it. We all know what goes down in a lot of parenting groups. I’m not even going to go there.

But this one is different.

Today a topic came up “What did your partner do while you were in labour”.

Let the fun begin.

Even the stories of somewhat deadbeat exes are uplifting because hey – a lot of us have been there – at least we can share and were not alone.

I asked some of the women if I could share with you some of the stories because I believe this is an opportunity to time capture a wonderful moment between women just having a laugh.


What was the worst thing your partner did while you were in labour?

“They looked at my fairy when his head was there, after I’d cried for them not to and my partner tried to take away my gas & air cause I was to busy sucking on it instead of pushing!!! Never got so angry and hysterical in all my life” xx

“With our eldest it was a LONG slow labour so my hubby took his DS to pass the time. However it was dying so he plugged it in to charge. He didn’t realise that he had unplugged the monitor in order to charge his DS. All of a sudden alarms were going off and midwives and a doctor came rushing into the room”

“I had a tens machine as my Labour was back to back and my mum and partner decided at separate intervals it would be hilarious to turn it up full whack. Could have nutted them” ??

“I asked my sister for a drink of water she poured it over my face”

“My EX went through the McDonald’s drive through while I was in agony and ordered a cheeseburger meal”

“Watched Top Gear”

“Mine kept falling asleep then had the cheek to ‘tell me off’ because I was hurting his arm”

“Both my labours my mum stole my gas and air”

“I was hungry so my hubby went to subway for me. He turned up 90 mins later with my mum and stepdad – he had met up with them in town and they had all gone to the pub for a meal to “keep his strength up”. And he had forgotten my subway!!!”

“The Next Morning –  I asked for some food as I don’t like cereal or toast. He came to the hospital within the hour with no food but flowers instead – I asked what I was supposed to eat lol X”

“I had been in labour all day, my mother in law called my husband and he says ‘ yeah not a lot happening really, I’m quite bored’ what a knob!!” Xx”


Having a baby is an incredible journey.

We literally bake a tiny human and it exits our body! I don’t think its meant to be pretty, but when you get to look into your baby’s eyes for the first time. Everything that happened in the labour room suddenly doesn’t matter so much anymore.


  1. I think the worst thing my husband did during my labor was that he didn’t advocate for me when I couldn’t talk. I had a birth plan and he knew what was in it but somehow through the chaos of things, my birth plan got ignored.

    1. My first birth was the same. I feel like my rights were actually taken away not just ignored. It was a learning curve that helped with my next two births. Im sorry this happened to you because I totally understand how invasuve it feels!

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