Dealing With My Son’s Star Wars Obsession

My Son Is OBSESSED With Star Wars.

This Star Wars obsession, It’s past the point of fandom.

Children with ASD, ABI or similar often display enthusiasm for something they like to the point of obsession. That thing, idea or behavior will seem like it has taken over.

What do you do? When normal “fandom” crosses over into the world of serial, repetitive & obsessive compulsion with an item, song or even a phrase or word. Do you encourage it? Are you afraid of it?

For me, it really depends on whether the obsession has a negative impact on our daily lives.

I love the fact our Star Wars stuff has mostly been picked up from op shops & Garage sales.

The Star Wars obsession is not connected to the destruction of my bank account. He doesn’t care where it comes from. He is a true collector in that sense.

When it comes to lightsabers and Star Wars “weapons” I think it’s important to give a child a chance to use them responsibly before banning them completely. In the past, I have said no based on previous behaviors.

If your child is obsessed with something, but its a pain in the butt – give them a second chance later down the track. As stressful as it can be, it’s important we allow our kids to prove themselves.


We will never build trust without opportunities.

I have refrained for so long from buying certain items because knowing the behavioural aspects surrounded by this obsession. Since seeking help and understanding the “why” around the behavior, I am able to much better deal with this.

Some of it stems from:

  • The need to control through fear of losing the item.
  • Fear the item won’t last so protect at all costs.

Thoughts of insecurity and attachment to the item seems to lead to even more obsessive behaviour, sometimes even territorial outbursts. All of these feelings are powered by anxiety.

In Ryan’s younger years it could be something as insignificant as a pen or a piece of rope. I have learnt to try to avoid taking the items out with us because if they are lost or broken it can become a very difficult situation.

star wars autism obsession

An example is purchasing a Light Saber.

He clung to it for 48 hours. He slept with it.

If I tried to talk about anything else he would tap it on the ground to show his  disapproval in me trying to change the subject.

I’m Star Wars exhausted. I remember saying to friends its like “GROUNDHOG DAY, I’ve woken up to Star Wars for breakfast….here we go again…”


I think anyone can relate though whether your child has Autism or not.

I’m sure if your child just gets hung up on thinks they are so into you can find some sort of humour in this. It’s something that most parents on some level eventually will have to deal with.

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