Acquired Brain Injury – My A.B.I.


When I first started blogging I started a blog called

I wanted to share with people the stories from the very beginning of my sons journey with Cancer & his ABI & ASD diagnosis. Since then writing has opened up a broad range of topics especially those surrounding just “being a parent” and not a “perfect parent”.

Although I have since changed my blog to the “Australian Mum” I still write about my lifestyle and the commitments to raising a child with special needs.

In 2008 my son concluded his cancer treatment and has since been diagnosed with an Acquired Brain Injury – Non intellectually impaired. He also has an ASD diagnosis which allows him to access the therapy he needs.  My blog started off because I wanted to get some things about our experiences off of my chest and it has just grown from there.

Life goes on after cancer but not without struggle because everyday is a new day. Not without phone calls from the school and a million appointments a year. Not without tears and stress. But not without happiness and smiles. Laughter and Love either.

We made it and no matter what happens. I am proud to be the mother of An Amazing Beautiful Individual. All children are ABI’S – Amazing Beautiful Individuals. All with unique abilities.

If you landed here out of desperation or you simply share a similar life situation I want you to know you will get through this too.

I Kicked My Tumours Butt 


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